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Yoga Guru Narayan Dhakal during a Spiritual Hike near Pokhara, Nepal

Yoga Guru Narayan Dhakal during a Spiritual Hike near Pokhara, Nepal

Guru’s intent is to spread the awareness that the water we drink, the food we eat, and the clothes we wear are all full of chemicals and thus polluted. As an advocate of the Middle Way, which supports merging science and spirituality, his long-term goal is to build an Ashram in the unspoiled countryside using local, renewable building materials, where lovers of Yoga, meditation, and nature can gather to practice and share ideas. The Ashram is envisioned as offering all treatment options currently provided, as well as offering accommodations and having an organic garden, a kitchen where three healthy Yogic meals will be prepared each day, an organic orchard, bee hives for local honey, and livestock for fresh daily organic milk.

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Hatha Yoga Classes: In recent years, Hatha Yoga has become synonymous with power, however this corrupts the true meaning of the practice. When broken down, the ‘HA’ of the word Hatha means hot and the ‘THA’ means cold. The two halves can also mean sun and moon and can relate to the right and left nostril, respectively. The common theme running through these definitions is one of balance, therefore the true definition of Hatha Yoga is perfect body balance. Our classes strive to achieve that balance. If an obese student takes up Hatha Yoga, he or she will become thin. Unhealthy students, if they persevere in their practice, become healthy. Yogis who begin practicing in a healthy state maintain their physical health. Hatha Yoga is the perfect vehicle for physical, mental and spiritual development. Check out More Services >>


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