Guru Narayan Prasad Dhakal teaching Yoga at Shangri-La Village Resort in Pokhara, Nepal

Guru Narayan Prasad Dhakal teaching Yoga at Shangri-La Village Resort in Pokhara, Nepal

Welcome to Annapurna Yoga Ashram and Yogi’s Ayurveda Health Center in Pokhara, Nepal

Opened in 2005 by yoga master Narayan Prasad Dhakal, Annapurna Yoga Ashram and Yogi’s Ayurveda Health Center has established itself as one of the best facilities in Pokhara. Located in the tourist area of Lakeside, near beautiful Phewa Lake, the Ashram is close to all attractions and offers quality services and affordable prices. Private one-on-one and group sessions can be arranged.

The History of Hatha Yoga

Ask a group of Yoga practitioners where Hatha Yoga originated and most of them will incorrectly answer India. They can hardly be blamed for their mistake, as Hatha Yoga’s true origin is wrapped up in years of history, religion and geography that takes some unraveling, but once the true facts are revealed it becomes clear that the true birthplace of Hatha Yoga is in Nepal.

Yoga Guru Narayan Dhakal in Pokhara, Nepal

Yoga Guru Narayan Dhakal

In the beginning, Yoga was a sacred knowledge of Lord Shiva, the most important and powerful of all Hindu Gods. Shiva’s wife, Parvati, mystified by her husband’s ability to avoid death and even injury, questioned the source of his supernatural power. In order to impart his secret, Shiva took Parvati away from prying eyes on Mt. Kailash to the Kathmandu Valley, which in those early days was home to a large lake surrounded by virgin forest that was unknown to the world at large. Sequestered within this holy spot, Shiva revealed the secrets of Hatha Yoga to his wife.

During her indoctrination, Shiva became aware of the presence of a third entity and demanded, “Who is there? Come in front of me!” Unable to refuse an order of Lord Shiva, a fish that had been secretly listening nearby swam up to the edge of the lake and revealed itself. Impressed by the devotion of the fish, Shiva changed it into a human, known from that day forward as Machendranath Yogi, and charged him with the task of spreading Hatha Yoga around the world.

Yoga Guru Narayan Dhakal during a Spiritual Hike near Pokhara, Nepal

Yoga Guru Narayan Dhakal during a Spiritual Hike near Pokhara, Nepal

Machendranath studied and perfected the art of Hatha Yoga and began teaching, but only to a few devotees. Unhappy with the slow progress, Shiva incarnated in human form as Gorakchyanath in what is present-day Gorkha, Nepal. Gorakchyanath became a student of Machindranath, perfected the art of Hatha Yoga and spread this teaching across the world, eventually becoming recognized as the father of Hatha Yoga.

For many years Gorakchyanath traveled throughout India, imparting his knowledge and developing a powerful following. Gradually, the original Yogis in Nepal died off. With few remaining Nepali Yogis, limited financial resources, and no powerful media like that in India, the myth that Hatha Yoga originated in India took root. Although Indian gurus still persist in spreading this misinformation, true scholars of Hatha Yoga know that it originated in Nepal. If anyone doubts this story, confirmation can be found in the Skanda Purana, the Hindu holy book that documents the life and achievements of Lord Shiva.

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Service Highlight

Honey Therapy: Honey is one of the most powerful natural substances known to man. It has anti-viral properties and has been called a “perfect food.” Gathered from local hives and brought directly to the massage table, this perfect substance is used for both full-body massages and facials. It draws out the toxins while softening the skin; daily honey facials can even soften or eliminate wrinkles, though it is crucial to remain in a resting position with eyes closed while the honey is absorbing into the face. Honey colonics/enemas are also available and are a proven remedy for constipation. Honey and lemon mixed with hot water is an excellent remedy for colds, headaches, and excess weight; while honey-infused lukewarm milk assists in weight gain. Check out More Services >>


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